Winter Service Needs

While the summer months bring warm weather and pleasant driving experiences, it never lasts forever. Cold weather and snowy conditions are always just around the corner, meaning it's never too early to prepare your vehicle. The Sharon Chevrolet service team can help you prep for winter travels by recommending common service needs. We'll ensure you get the peace of mind you need for a safe drive through cold temperatures and winter roads!

Common Winter Service Maintenances and Services

We recommend keeping a close eye on the following parts and systems. Winter weather can adversely affect your vehicle, leading to decreased performance and compromised safety. Let us know if you have any questions!


Cold weather can adversely affect your tires, decreasing pressure in your tires faster and even causing the rubber compound to harden – you may have trouble with traction when this occurs. Our service team can check your tires to ensure the air pressure matches the manufacturer's specifications, and we can install winter snow tires to help improve your traction control and handling.


Winter weather brings cold temperatures, which make the fluids in your vehicle work harder to keep everything running smoothly. Whether it's paying attention to the engine oil, which helps power your engine and lubricate the moving parts, or it's the windshield washer fluid, often used during a single snowstorm, we'll keep you topped off and ready to go


Your vehicle's battery requires quite a bit of charge to start your engine, with cold temperatures sapping energy and making it a challenge for the battery. Our team recommends servicing your battery at least every year, especially if it's over three years old