Your car's dashboard indicator lights are there to signal you when your car needs service and attention. This list of common warning lights will help you diagnose your vehicle's needs so you can ensure accurate and efficient maintenance.


Check Engine 

Of all the dashboard indicator lights, the check engine light may have the highest number of possible meanings. It could indicate something as minor as a loose gas cap, or something as major as a bad catalytic converter. If your car's check engine light stays on for more than a couple of days, take your vehicle in for a professional assessment as soon as possible.

Battery/Charging Alert

A battery indicator light suggests that your vehicle's battery is below normal charge levels. There could be an issue with your vehicle's charging system. 

Brake System

A brake system light could just mean that your car's parking brake is on. But if that's not the issue, this light may be a sign that the brake fluid levels are low, or that there's an issue with the brake system itself. 

Contact us at Sharon Chevrolet if you have any questions about dashboard warning lights your vehicle is displaying. We can also set you up with a maintenance appointment to fix the problem that corresponds to your vehicle's illuminated dashboard symbol.  

Coolant Temperature Warning

If you see a light that resembles a thermometer in water, your vehicle is trying to tell you that it's overheating. Check your car's coolant levels and radiator cap. If it's not one of these issues, you'll want to have your radiator system checked by a professional. 

Oil Pressure Warning
An oil pressure warning light is a sign that your car has low oil pressure. Pull over as soon as possible to check your car's oil levels and top off as needed. 

Transmission Temperature

If the transmission temperature light is on, it means that your vehicle's transmission is hotter than it should be because the transmission fluid is too hot. Pull over the check the fluid levels on your vehicle's transmission fluid and engine coolant.