Tires are one of the hardest working parts of your vehicle. Constant friction, heat, and direct impacts on the road will eventually take their toll. Proper care and rotation goes a long way in extending the life of your tires. But if you start to see any of these signs of wear and tear, visit Sharon Chevrolet to outfit your vehicle with new tires.
Tread Depth
One of the clearest indications of a worn tire is low tread depth. Anything below one-sixteenth of an inch is unsafe to drive, as wet conditions can easily cause loss of traction. Gauges can be purchased to accurate judge tread depth but there is always the old "penny test" where you insert a common penny with Abe Lincoln's head down. If the tread covers the president's head, you are probably safe but it's best to make sure, so schedule a maintenance appointment.  

Sidewall Damage
Another potential failing point of older tires is the sidewall. Sharp rocks and impacts with the curb can potentially cause cracks or cuts on the exterior of the tire. A visual inspection is usually enough to diagnose these issues. Some scuffing is fine and to be expected, but if your tires show deep gouges or worsening cracks you should schedule a service appointment.

Vibrations While Driving
Unusual vibrations when driving is another tell-tale sign that your tires might need to be repaired or replaced. Sometimes the tire is poorly aligned or unbalanced. If you notice this problem with your vehicle, take it to our dealership for an inspection. This symptom can indicate a serious issue with your tires, which can impact other parts of the vehicle. 

If your tires show any signs of damage or you notice a weird vibration when driving, contact us at Sharon Chevrolet. Our Service Department will be happy to schedule an appointment to ensure that your tires are functioning safely and smoothly.