Stop by Sharon Chevrolet Inc. in Liverpool, NY to talk to our staff about road trip safety tips. We are always happy to talk about the things everyone should do to prepare for a wonderful road trip.

Before leaving for your road trip, be sure to schedule a service appointment to have all of your fluids checked. You may also want to consider a tune-up if it's been a while. Check your tires, including your spare tire, to make sure they don't have extensive wear. They should also have the proper amount of air in them.

Take items for emergencies or even waiting for a tow truck. These items should include food, water, blankets, tablets for younger kids, books, and gloves. You should also have flashlights, extra fluids, and a shovel. Battery packs to charge your phone in an emergency are also great. You may also want to include a portable battery charger or at least jumper cables.

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